Best Tool Belts for Carpenters, Electricians, and Framers – Buyer Guide, Reviews

best tool belt reviews

Are you planning to buy leather tool belts?

Have the numerous options, turning up in your Google search feed, got you all confused about which one to buy?

Well, going to the store might also not be of much help anyway, chances are high that you might be coerced to buy a pricey one.

However, if you follow this best tool belt reviews, you might get the assistance that you so require right now!

Here, you will find all that you really need to know, to buy the best tool belts for your specific needs. So keep reading on.

Some of the Best Tool Belts for You

Occidental leather tool bag set 9855 – Occidental is a renowned name in the industry of toolkit and accessories. Keeping in mind the user preferences, occidental manufactures separate tool belts and bags for right handed and left handed carpenters respectively. The pouch spaces are incredibly large, about 10 inches and are designed to remain open every time so you don’t have to open and close the zip every time to access the tools. Built with a combination of leather and canvas material, this tool belt assures enough longevity.

Magnogrip – If you had checked its price, you would know that comes easy on your pockets. Almost reviewed to be one of the most comfortable tool belts, this belt clings on relaxingly on to the waist of individuals having heavier built. The magnetic holder in this tool belt helps all the nails cling together thereby avoiding you to scavenge the whole pouch for nails.

Dewalt DG5617 20 – another one from Dewalt this one has been a favorite among carpenters who prefer tool belts with suspenders. The suspenders are made with adjustable pads to keep you relaxed.

Top 3 Tool Belts for Carpenters

Owning the apt tool belt for carpenter can make your tough job a little easier, check these and go for the one best for you.

Gatorback B145 – this belt can assure 3 main facilities to the user namely comfort ventilation and excellent support. Even though it consists of 9 pouches, the plastic lining ensures that the pouches don’t sag down because of heavyweight.

Dewalt DG5650 -if you want a tool belt which can contain some more tiny tools then this is the one consisting about 31 pouches

Bucket boss – manufacturing tool belts since the year 1987; it shouldn’t come as a surprise to be on the list of the most-reviewed tool belts. This leather tool belt with suspenders for carpenters ensure that you won’t get drained after bearing a heavy load all day long. One can be on the advantageous side when using this, as the pouches wouldn’t fold irrespective of the body posture or workload.

Top 3 Tool Belts for Electricians.

Contractor Pro Electrician – it is considered as one of the easiest to use electrician tool belt with suspenders. The comfort it renders to its users shouldn’t be questionable.

Custom LeatherCraft 1608 – one of the best leather tool belts for an electrician, this belt won’t let your tools fall down thanks to its inbuilt top flapping pouch.

TR Industrial 88021 12 -with this belt, you can carry n number of electric essentials owing to the 12 large pockets it consists of.

Top 3 Tool Belts for Framers

Occidental Leather 8089 -reviewed as the best tool pouch for framers this would effectively resolve the purpose of framers who needs to carry smaller tools.

Custom LeatherCraft PK1836 – it is not only one of the best framers tool belts but it also serves the purpose of a small backpack. Framers looking for durable tool belts should get the best from this one.

Custom LeatherCraft 6714 -regarded as one of the most comfortable tool belts for framers having a heavier built this tool turns smooth on your back.

Tool Belt FAQs

  • What is a tool belt?

In case you came across this term recently, then here is the formal definition of tool belt just for you. The tool belt is just like your regular waist belt, the only exception is that it holds and carries all the tools required for work of certain professionals like electricians, carpenters, and framers.

  • Why do you need a tool belt?

Many people may tell you that when you can keep all the necessary tools in your hands or in your pocket, then there is no need for a tool belt, which is a wrong perception.

With the aid of a tool belt, you can keep all your tools handy, and you can keep specific tools in separate pockets so that it is easier for you to access when the right time comes. And it is difficult to keep track of small tools like screws and pins, but when you assemble them in a tool belt there is no chance of these falling out or getting lost.

Things you Need to Consider While Buying Tool Belts

There are numerous options of tool belts out in the market. But one should choose the apt one which would help him to the fullest to get the job done. When scrolling e-commerce websites to buy tool belts be sure to check the product specifications before hitting the buy now button.

    The capacity and the number of pockets and zip closures -think about the number and the weight of the tools you want to keep in the tool belt.

    Price of the tool belt – if you are a DIY enthusiast and want to buy a budgetary tool then filter down the price options and then pick the best one for yourself.  If you are a professional and thus going for pricier products, make sure to cross check whether the manufacturer offers a warranty.

    Comfort of use – often everyone tends to ignore this factor, but buying a tool belt which offers comfort wouldn’t interrupt your work schedule.

    The look of the belt – nowadays the look and finish of everything matters-so this case is also no an exception.

    Material – different materials offer different benefits. Say for leather, it can provide you durability and longevity, but it’s a bit heavier than all the material variants. However, with a nylon tool belt, you won’t feel any weight strapped down to your waist.

With the assistance of the best tool belt, you would be able to give 100% effort to your job without straining and paining your body frame. Here’s hoping that all you find the best tool belt for all your needs.